• Actually, it's been a wonderful experience.

    "I don't have to fear that I have this cap that's gonna fall off. So it's just been a nice experience. The rest of my teeth are healthy and I'm gonna keep them that way."

  • There was no pain, and it was done!

    "I went home that day and I couldn't believe it. 4 implants in 2 or 3 hours was amazing to me."

  • Implants are not just a cosmetic procedure.

    "With implants, I don't know they're not my own natural teeth. I love having the implants."

More Success Stories...

Jake's Success Story

Challenge: Jake’s two front teeth were removed as a result of a needed orthodontic procedure. An innovative team approach was needed, with his orthodontist, a restorative dentist and Premier specialist working together to restore his smile.

Solution: First, orthodontic treatment was performed to move the eye, or canine, teeth back to their normal position; then Premier’s specialist inserted titanium implants. Once the implants grew in, the restorative dentist added crowns and veneers to give Jake a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

“My Premier experience has gone beyond my expectations. All my hesitations were quickly erased and my confidence was restored. My smile looks completely natural and better than it has in years!”

Judy's Success Story

Challenge: Judy was losing all of her teeth from advanced periodontal disease. Her greatest fear was having to wear dentures.

Solution: We placed implants in both her upper and lower jaws and gave her back her smile with fixed profile bridges. Now she doesn’t have to worry about taking anything in and out of her mouth and can eat and smile with confidence.

Albert's Success Story

Challenge: Albert had been missing a front tooth for years. He finally had enough money to replace it and was referred by his dentist to my office for the placement of an implant.

Solution: We placed an implant with no complication, and the patient reported no pain or problems during healing. Three months after placement of this implant, the dentist took impressions and a front tooth was fabricated by the laboratory. The result, a tooth replacement with no impact on the neighboring teeth. Esthetically blending in, this tooth has been in place for over ten years.

“This looks better than my old tooth!”

Nancy's Success Story

Challenge: Nancy’s front tooth had been severely damaged in an accident during her college days, requiring a root canal and a cap. Although she was careful about what she ate and vigilant about caring for her tooth, she still needed a replacement cap every 5 years.

Solution: The Premier implant specialist team extracted her tooth and placed an implant along with grafted bone to preserve a healthy smile. After the implant was fully healed in a few months, a crown was made. Because the surrounding gum was carefully preserved, Nancy’s smile looks completely natural. In fact, it’s almost impossible to figure out which one is not the real tooth!

“Now I can eat whatever I want and not be concerned about the cap falling off. The whole procedure was painless, right down to the convenient payment plan we worked out. I’m thrilled not to have to worry about my teeth ever again.”

Eddie's Success Story

Challenge: A number of missing and broken teeth were making it a challenge for Eddie to chew normally, and his smile had all but disappeared. Dr. Mark Rosen, Premier dental implant specialist, developed an individualized treatment plan to coordinate care between himself and Eddie’s restorative dentist.

Solution: Eddie’s good teeth were saved with minor periodontal surgery. Four non-salvageable teeth were carefully removed and seven implants placed in a simplified, computer-aided, single stage procedure. Restorative work followed three short months after the implants were placed, resulting in a stunning smile.

“Our mutual goal was to keep my good teeth and get rid of only those teeth that could not be saved. My Premier and restorative doctors accomplished that with skill and great care. My new implants look and feel great…best of all, I can chew again! Premier took care of everything from start to finish, and I was extremely impressed by how smoothly it all went.”